Do You Plan To Hire Remotely Because Of COVID-19? You Make The Call

The COVID-19 pandemic has been the cause of significant changes to the workplace, including how organizations are approaching hiring new talent.

Organizations are still hiring for critical roles despite changing circumstances during the pandemic. A recent survey shows 53 percent of managers reported hiring full-time or temporary staff who will work remotely since the pandemic began.

Although the pandemic hasn't halted hiring, it has changed the recruiting strategies. Of those who hired new employees during the pandemic, 75 percent conducted remote interviews and onboarding sessions and 60 percent shortened their hiring process. Additionally, 61 percent advertised jobs offering fully remote work and 60 percent expanded their geographic job search in order to reach a wider range of applicants. Fifty-seven percent of managers also reported hiring more temporary workers.

Organizations who have changed their recruiting process to reflect the new realities of telecommuting have seen benefits, according to experts, including successful new hires who are brought on board quickly. Expanding geographic search areas for job applicants has also allowed employers to examine a wider range of applicants, leading to more successful hires for on-demand roles.

Experts anticipate that the ability to recruit, interview, and hire remote candidates will be extremely beneficial for organizations going forward. "Survey: More Than Half Of Companies Hired New Staff Remotely During The Pandemic" (Sep. 30, 2020).

So, the question for our readers is: Do you plan to hire remotely because of COVID-19?

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Jack McCalmon, Esq.

I think that this crisis will impact employers permanently as to how we interact and work together. One casualty is that face-to-face meetings, including interviews, will be the exception and not the rule. While the present reason is for safety, I believe eventually the reason will be for efficiency. That, of course, does not mean online interviews and meetings are more effective…just more efficient.

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